Monday, May 28, 2012

66 Corvette--Finished!

After the disaster that was the 75 Vintage Vette I figured it was time to finish something, this time a 63 Corvette split window--from the AMT "Street Rods", I figure the kit is from something like the early 70's based on how yellow the instruction sheet was...I bought the kit at a swap meet for $5.

Some details came from Revell's Corvette Snap Kit #1968....the rear tail lights for instance.
Paint is House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine over a gold basecoat, purchased from Black Gold Web finished off with 2 part automotive clear, with the usual Bare Metal Foil trim and Model Car Garage Photoetch.

Besides that, nothing unusual here, this is an almost box stock build of a kit that has been reissued many times so it's not a rare kit.

It was a fun build....good to get something done. AMT for the most part did a good job on the kit--the engine compartment is nothing like the 1:1 but I didn't feel like taking the time to "fix" that. Maybe some other time?

Up next? Not sure. I scored a very good price on an extremely rare MPC 2000GT Toyota but am a bit chicken to start it.

I am still working improving my technique before going back to big-time customizing. It's not been steady progress, but I feel I am improving.....

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▼ Lukáš Reemus Vanko said...

One Corvette died and next was born...great build I luve wheels and car paint ...excelent work

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