Monday, August 8, 2016

End of the Line?

Hi there if you haven't noticed there has been no post in a while. 

I may move soon and to that end I need to stop building for a bit.  I may not have the room in my new place I have now.

I am going to sell some or most of my unbuilt kits and stash of parts on Ebay.  Once I'm settled I might be back into this.  It's been a fun distraction.

Here's one more thing before I run along--if you want to finish building the 65 Chevy pickup mentioned immediately below drop me a line, if you are in Continental US I will send you the kit built so far.  yes I will eat the postage.  It's yours.  finish it, use it for parts or whatever. 

The body is still in plastic and needs a bit more prep, but other things are painted, and the interior is built.

First come, first served.  See ya!

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