Monday, June 30, 2014

Audi and Chevy. Another Month's Dabbling in Blog B-land

So I got a bit bored this month with just working on the Revell 2010 Audi so I went into the parts box and found and old AMT 58 Chevy Impala.  Slapped the body and front facia together, primed it, and puttied.

Then in amongst all the painting struggles with the Audi, I shot the Chevy with Tamiya Matt Black, and then to remain sane I Bare Metal Foiled, fast FAST, but it didn't come out too bad....

So there is lots to do here, but it will be an distraction while I work on the Audi, which is a good kit, but not an easy build.  

Back In AudiLand, I decided to use acrylic, Jacquard products, a longtime favorite of mine, for the color coat, and mixed up a really nice Silver Pearl using their ready to airbrush paint, along with PearlEX: Silver and Pearlwhite.

But!  To save time I didn't use 2 part clear. I just didn't want to muck with all the mixing, all the cleaning all the poison etc.  Instead I used a rattle can clear coat I have been messing with for non-model car related crafts, Rustoleum's Triple Thick Glaze.

And did I test it first?  Naw, I just sprayed it on there.  Did it react (badly) with the Audi acrylic?  Yep.  Bubbled up, orange peeled, etc., The horror!!!  I was thinking OK now I have to strip the Audi body and start over.  But lo and behold, after some drying, it leveled a bit, and now I think i can polish it out.  Yeh!

And the chassis/engine is pretty much done, other than some decals and other finish work....hard to see in this pix, but as always the PearlEX came out great, a sort of ghost silver when in sunlight.

And here's the chassis/interior.....

So this copming month, maybe I can get something done?  Who knows?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

41 Willys Hot Rod Project--FINISHED

Finally!  Got something done.  This was a partially built kit (Revell 85-2371) I had stashed at my parent's house, literally for years.  t's the kit that got me started building models again, maybe 4-5 years ago.  So here's the story.  I was visiting my parents (They live about 90 minutes drive away) and we went, along with the nephews, to a now-defunct hobby shop to look for model rocket parts.  I didn't have much to do that day so I bought this kit, along with an exacto knife and some enamel paint.  The next day it rained and I spent pretty much the entire day building.

The next day I had to leave, so it remained partially built. I went back a few months later and laid down the body paint (Testors Plum Crazy, I think, with enamel Testors clear) straight out of the rattle can.  I remember covering the wet body with a glass baking dish and hitting the road again, maybe for another year.  So again, the project was shelved for quite some time.

OK fast forward a few years (!) and I am building again, I had a few kits under my belt, and had learned about the polishing kit trick where you start with 1200 grit pads and work your way up to 10,000 grit. For a nice, simple, rounded body like this, and thick enamel paint that polish system works great!  The paint on this build, even though it was sloppy rattle can, was brought to life with polish, and the paint and clear coat looks pretty good.

This is box stock, and is a good, easy kit.  I used a photo etch grille because the kit one didn't "look scale" and also left off the rear license plate, again, it looked too "fat" at 1:25.

So from there was a matter of bringing the parts home, foiling the body, and finishing it all off.  Since it was what started me building again, it felt right to finish it.  Now, if only I can get some time to finish anything else!  Will this be the last model I ever finish?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Audi R8--Lost And Found

It's been a tough week/month for the model making pursuits.  I was making some good progress on the Revell Audi R8 only to discover that during the painting process I lost a critical part!

So what's wrong with this picture?  Part 23, one of the spindles, is GONE.  I must have knocked it off the tree while I was painting.  I spent time searching for it, but no, it's vanished.  So what to do? I could scratch build a replacement, but who has time? I ended up getting a spare kit from Ebay. I'll steal the missing part from that. Who knows, I may need more spares if I screw up the body, which I haven't started to paint yet!

The one piece chassis was a bit tricky.  I had paint it black (like the song) then mask, and put apply Alclad II on the A arms.  The rest of the fake aluminum is bare metal foil.

The interior is done.  Lots of photoetch on this one.  Didn't come out too bad.

The engine is shaping up as well.  Lots of Alclad II on this one.  Still needs photoetch and a few decals.

So as far as what's found: I was visiting my folks and found in a closet a really old Willy's build I started a long time ago, maybe before I "got back into modeling".

 I didn't do too bad a job on it so far.  It needs a bit of clean up and some TLC but is actually close to being finished.  I brought the thing home so I could foil it, and then finish it off.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Audi R8--Photoetch Thoughts

From last time--still working (and not making quick progress as always!) on a Revell Audi R8.  Supposed to be a group project with a young nephew, but he's off playing video games, so I am building it myself.  Maybe he'll want the finished model as a gift?

A few years ago I would have just started building, but my standards have gotten (much!) higher....and now I almost dread each step, because I can't just build, I have to be obsessive!

Let's take the Audi hood Logo for instance!  On the box art, the master modeler (not me!) didn't to paint the Audi logo at all.  That's not right!  For me, I see that and think "time for photoetch!"  From past builds, a real metal logo will look a lot better than any amount of 00001 brushing I can do.  So to buy this one logo, I got in touch with Stradasports and they sold me the entire photoetch rig for this kit. Made by "KA models" it has everything--including a serious series of "real" metal grills that you can up build bit by bit.  I will skip the grills and use the kit plastic.  The former will take too much time and I have keep moving!  I am not that obsessive--not yet!

So what's the project's progress so far after 6 weeks?  Not much!  I have painted the aluminum parts using Testors classic black shot through an airbrush, followed by a 1:1 mix of chrome and aluminum paints from Alclad2 

And then I painted up the semi gloss black parts using the "Donn Yost" mix: 1 bottle of Testors flat black enamel mixed with 1/2 bottle of cheap lacquer thinner, then shot through a decent airbrush. Everything was pretty carefully prepped, cleaned, and primed first.

So I'm making some progress, just not a lot.  I don't know; there seems to be a lot of other things to do these days!  But I am hanging in there and it's raining out so I might work a bit more on this today…..  Maybe.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Audi R8--Now for Something a Tiny Bit Different

My 11-year old nephew and I were supposed to build this Audi A8 kit but he didn't seem particularly interested.  Compared to video games, let's face it--model making is pretty dull if you're a kid!

So I figured I might as well take a crack at building it; what the heck, it's not the kind of kit I usually build.  

After having built kits now for a few years I am getting into a routine--first thing is to prepare the parts for paint--clean them up, get rid of flash and mold lines, and put them onto bamboo sticks with alligator clips on the end, ready for paint.

I am renting a new place and thus dedicated a corner of the dark-n-stinky garage to be my pseudo paint booth--we are ready to go…..

And presto, we are back, with most of the parts primed up and ready for color coat.  About two-thirds of the build will be painted semi gloss black, following the color call outs in the instructions.  I am not sure if those call outs match the real world--it seems like an awful lot of semi gloss back--but I don't really care, it's just a stupid model kit!  The other third of the parts will be finished with lacquer metalizers. Always fun!

Speaking of always fun, the body has some pretty big sink marks right in front facia that are very easy to see.  These puppies have to be filled in.  And of course (!) the gnarliest sink mark of them all is right  underneath the Audi Logo.  Getting that cleaned up as is would be almost impossible, so I will get a photo etched logo so I can just sand the whole thing out!

More sink marks by the headlights--wow, that's ugly!  This kit might have modern tooling but some of the casting the work feels a bit like ancient AMT to me!  Forget modern tooling!  Bring back the 68 Toronado!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

55 Chevy Badman--Finished--Better Late than Never

Let's face it--in the past few months it seems I have had better (?) things to do than sit at a workbench slaving away at some silly hobby. Like--seeing friends?  Like--earning a living? Hence not many posts.

So for that past several weeks--almost no progress at all on anything that would be salient to this blog.

I did have some extra time last weekend and managed to finish a box-stock build--well, almost-- something my brothers and I built about 100 times when we were kids--the Monogram "Chevy Badman".

Reissued by Revell/Monogram, this was an easy to build kit--not a lot of parts--and fun! I wanted something simple looking and clean, so, no decals, no not-to-scale dump pipes (I stole other pipes from my parts bin) and some very quick trim installation.

I wouldn't say scale building is getting easier, but I do find myself doing the same sort of things over and over--all clear coat is now 2 part polyurethane; every build to date gets a round of bare metal foil, and so on....

I am not sure where I am at with this hobby. I have a lot on my social calendar and it's hard to imagine having a lot of time to build. I bought some super car kits; which is a change of pace (?) for me, let's see where those go. I was working on a early Chevy Vette Gasser before putting it aside, and to my surprise, Revell just came out with a 62 Vette Gasser that, box stock, will probably kick butt of anything I can come up with after hours of kit bashing and "engineering" my own Vette Gasser.  Oh well.

So here's the most notable thing of all: when friends ask what I am up to, I never say "I build model cars".  If I was into 1:1 cars maybe I would mention it, they might like to go for a ride?  But this?  It's a legal vice, but beyond this blog, it's one I keep quiet about.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

40 Ford Hot Rod--Finished!

It's been a few months and I haven't been building at all--but I moved, I've going through some difficult personal stuff, and I guess I needed a break.  But modeling is like a patient friend, hanging around, and once I realized I could wake up a bit early and build for a few minutes before getting ready for work, I got right back into how relaxing and fun this stupid hobby can be.

So finally I finished the box-stock 40 Ford Hot Rod.  A pretty easy build and way fun! Not much to report here--this was a really straight forward kit, got some orange peel on some of the side panels, but otherwise it came out OK.

The trim took a lot of patience, I had to add a piece and then let it dry overnight, then add a couple more and let it dry overnight, and so on, but the patience was worth it--the more I build the more I realize that patience is everything when it comes to a decent finished product.  Nothing can be rushed!

And it was nice (and relaxing) to build something "box stock".

Now on to some of the more ambitious projects I was working on before I took this break!  Hopefully coming soon!