Friday, July 6, 2012

Toyota 2000GT: Paint and Carpets....

I have been out of town but now I'm's July already....still working on a vintage build--MPC Toyota 2000GT....

Since I have so little time to build I need to make the process as efficient as possible. Building has become routine: clean up parts after fully or partially removing them from the sprues, then use alligator clips poked into foam rubber to prime and paint.

When I am done I have a bunch of parts, some painted enamel black, ready for Alclad metalizer. I will spray everything at once. It's much faster than painting part by part as I go.

Getting the interior to look good is always important, but since this is a convertible, doubly so! Good looking carpets make good looking interiors, and scale carpeting remains a challenge for me. A hobby mag recently mentioned using embossing powders to simulate carpeting, so I thought I'd give it a try--I bought some ZING powder online, along with 2 embossing pens.

Initial results were promising. The embossing pen lays down a thin layer of glue, so I could make "fingers" that run besides the seats (which would have difficult with white glue and "fuzzy fur"). For thicker "carpet touches" I found that adding Testors liquid cement and more powder did the trick. After the glue dried I used a heat gun to melt the powder in place. I discovered it was easy to over-do the heat gun action and melt the powder too much; it took a bit of practice to get things to look realistic.

Here's a "before" pix of the rear deck. This surface will form the floor of the trunk. Without texture it looks pretty crappy.

A thick shot of Zing powder really helped. This was a triple dose followed by pouring (!) some Future acrylic sealer on top. Being that this was a rare and hard to replace kit, I should have practiced more on spares before trying out something new, but what the hell.

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