Monday, April 15, 2013

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio? And! 1940 Ford Street Rod

Joltin' Joe has left and gone away?

I missed doing any posts last month, first time in a few years I think, but I have a good excuse: I moved.

In the new place I set up a medium-sized room devoted to just building small things--I am not done setting up my "workroom" yet, but a table is already in place for model making.

The big improvements are improved natural light and a lot more storage space for parts, paint, tools, glues etc etc etc.  These were both serious issues in the old space.  Am I getting too involved in building silly little toys?  Perhaps!

To shake out the new room, instead of continuing to work on some of the "serious" projects I started before packing everything up, I decided to build something box stock in like 1-2 days.  So I bought this 40 Ford Coupe at the local hobby shop, knowing zero about it. Turns out this is a really nice kit!

OK, I guess I will never be able to build a kit in 1-2 days.  Especially in the process of moving every other thing I own.  This 40 Ford Monogram kit has "modern tooling"! Beautiful casting, great detail, great fit, very little need for parts cleanup. The frame/front suspension is pretty complex and just taking that off the sprues and gluing it up took maybe 2 hours.

But overall, it's going faster because I can find things quickly!  So--the question is the same as it ever was!  I have more space, but do I have more time?

OK!!! more to come soon.....


Jackofallhobbies said...

I like the set up of your space. I will definitely be reading this blog.
I like the work on this car.
I also write about hobbies, which includes building models. If you have some time, check it out.

Unknown said...

I had been going through your blog and have been marveling at your creations. This workstation of yours alone is the witness to so many unique creations by you. This reminds me of my brother who was into car restoration, especially on weekends; rejuvenation and breathing new life in old cars which had been disposed for good. It was a Hollywood affair, somewhat similar to a Vin Diesel movie – the Fast and the Furious style!
used truck parts

alan said...

like the site, ima model builder too, I have a hard time getting the right color for Burnt Headers! Like on a super stock car or pro stock, i.e. a header painted with the collector Alum,then the pipes white, as you get closer too the motor heads, the pipe should turn a tinted blue, like color, can you help on this

Charlie Lamm said...

alan: I have seen the bigshots of the hobby like clay kemp use alclad transparent colors via an airbrush for this. I would guess any sort of non opaque acrylic like jacquards might work as well. you'd need ain airbrush with a fine tip. I have not mastered this techique however. if i get time I will try it and post what I come up with.

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