Sunday, March 23, 2014

Audi R8--Lost And Found

It's been a tough week/month for the model making pursuits.  I was making some good progress on the Revell Audi R8 only to discover that during the painting process I lost a critical part!

So what's wrong with this picture?  Part 23, one of the spindles, is GONE.  I must have knocked it off the tree while I was painting.  I spent time searching for it, but no, it's vanished.  So what to do? I could scratch build a replacement, but who has time? I ended up getting a spare kit from Ebay. I'll steal the missing part from that. Who knows, I may need more spares if I screw up the body, which I haven't started to paint yet!

The one piece chassis was a bit tricky.  I had paint it black (like the song) then mask, and put apply Alclad II on the A arms.  The rest of the fake aluminum is bare metal foil.

The interior is done.  Lots of photoetch on this one.  Didn't come out too bad.

The engine is shaping up as well.  Lots of Alclad II on this one.  Still needs photoetch and a few decals.

So as far as what's found: I was visiting my folks and found in a closet a really old Willy's build I started a long time ago, maybe before I "got back into modeling".

 I didn't do too bad a job on it so far.  It needs a bit of clean up and some TLC but is actually close to being finished.  I brought the thing home so I could foil it, and then finish it off.  Stay tuned.

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