Monday, June 30, 2014

Audi and Chevy. Another Month's Dabbling in Blog B-land

So I got a bit bored this month with just working on the Revell 2010 Audi so I went into the parts box and found and old AMT 58 Chevy Impala.  Slapped the body and front facia together, primed it, and puttied.

Then in amongst all the painting struggles with the Audi, I shot the Chevy with Tamiya Matt Black, and then to remain sane I Bare Metal Foiled, fast FAST, but it didn't come out too bad....

So there is lots to do here, but it will be an distraction while I work on the Audi, which is a good kit, but not an easy build.  

Back In AudiLand, I decided to use acrylic, Jacquard products, a longtime favorite of mine, for the color coat, and mixed up a really nice Silver Pearl using their ready to airbrush paint, along with PearlEX: Silver and Pearlwhite.

But!  To save time I didn't use 2 part clear. I just didn't want to muck with all the mixing, all the cleaning all the poison etc.  Instead I used a rattle can clear coat I have been messing with for non-model car related crafts, Rustoleum's Triple Thick Glaze.

And did I test it first?  Naw, I just sprayed it on there.  Did it react (badly) with the Audi acrylic?  Yep.  Bubbled up, orange peeled, etc., The horror!!!  I was thinking OK now I have to strip the Audi body and start over.  But lo and behold, after some drying, it leveled a bit, and now I think i can polish it out.  Yeh!

And the chassis/engine is pretty much done, other than some decals and other finish work....hard to see in this pix, but as always the PearlEX came out great, a sort of ghost silver when in sunlight.

And here's the chassis/interior.....

So this copming month, maybe I can get something done?  Who knows?

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