Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Vintage" 69 Charger 500--Engine Compartment

I haven't had a lot of time to work on hobbies this week but have been thinking about this build more than I's been bugging me that the way MPC tooled the engine compartment of the 69 Charger 500 looks nothing like the reference photos I have been using.

The engine compartment out of the Revell #85-2824 Charger kit doesn't look quite right either but it's closer, so I decided to chop the engine compartment out of the latter.

I have seen this done in hobby magazines but haven't done this myself, until now. I chopped up the body of the Revell kit....

...using a razor saw and the back end of a hobby knife I cut up all the pieces I would need.....

....and using Tenax7R glued the bits into the Vintage Charger body. It fit remarkably well--no need for any sort of putty or filler, really.

The firewall from the MPC kit didn't look that good with the rest of the new engine compartment so I dropped the Revell kit's in. Fits perfectly!

This whole process was a cause for much fear and loathing throughout the week--I was afraid of screwing this up and it taking all day to transfer the engine compartment from Revell kit to MPC. Turns out it was really easy and only took a few minutes. Which makes me wonder--why ever worry or be fearful about any of this????

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