Sunday, March 27, 2011

66 Nova--Stance Part II

I was in Patagonia, South America, for 2+ weeks, taking endless pictures in one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Surrounded by nature, I still thought from time to time about model cars--I have to admit it. I am not sure why I suffer, but I suffer happily....

Before the trip I started building a "Not a Project" 66 Nova--a quick and easy build that hopefully will avoid months spent fretting over how to do everything just right.

After being gone for 3 weeks it was good to see the project with fresh eyes. Yep, the box-stock stance is too high in, I had to "engineer" a way to fix this.

First, I got rid of the stock axle bits that came box stock and jammed in some tube styrene....and glued the dickens out of it (I will clean it up later....)

Then I put some more tube in, to strenghten the first joint. I will do further reinforcing once I get a stance I like.

After getting one side the way I wanted, I measured everything and repeated the process for the other side.

....when this was all done the mock up still looked too high in the front. So I decided to get even more slimey. Getting inner wheels out of the parts box, I mocked up a wheel where the axle entrance was not centered, to quickly drop the front end further.

This dropped the front of the model another 1/8" or so--maybe 3+ inches on a 1:1 car. On a different day I might have done something more involved to allow the front wheels to still be "poseable" but what the heck, I am just trying to have fun here.

OK here's what I get during mock-up now, after the slimey styrene-and-off-centered-wheel work. To me, this is a good look.

....not as high as an original box stock build, but not totally "slammed" either; an over-slammed front gave the car an too-modern look that I wanted to avoid. Best of all, what might have taken 4-5 evenings to engineer "totally clean" was glued up in about 30 minutes. No one will be wiser but me (and you!). I won't tell anyone if you don't.

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