Sunday, June 26, 2011

66 Nova Haitus--So: 67 Impala--Finished.....

I haven't been posting a lot but have done some building....Last time I was messing with acrylic flames and 2-part Polyurethane clear. Before finishing the Nova I thought I'd mess with finishing another build--a 67 Impala.

The goal was to get this build done fast, fast, fast. To save time, I decided to make this a "curbside" (no engine!) and perform no major "reengineering" so I could concentrate on the finish and trim.

I liked this 67 Impala kit (AMT/Ertl 8208) with a couple of exceptions. Like the 66 Olds I finished not too long ago, the window glass is too thick and doesn't fit correctly into the body. I put a black trim strip, cut from electrical tape, over the top of the windshield to compensate.

More important: the "box stock" stance for the kit was a disaster!! The tires literally didn't fit into the wheel wells, and the rear axle was way too low. To compensate, I drilled new holes in some inner wheels I had in my parts box. These holes were off center, correcting the obvious stance issues. Painted flat black they look OK. I also used smaller tires for the front, as the stock front tires were too fat and wouldn't fit no matter what I did. If I had more time, I should have "reengineered" the axles and stance. But this was a quick build.

The mag wheels came out of an old AMT Corvette kit; they had to be modified somewhat to work with my funky fix-the-stance setup.....the flames came out a bit weak, I should have made each flame thinner and more time....

I have 3 more bodies trimmed out: a 68 GTO, a 71 Charger, and the Nova. I figured as long as I was spraying 2 part clear I might as well clear several bodies. Not sure what I am going to build next...stay tuned....

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