Sunday, February 8, 2015

50 Ford Pickup Speed Build--Finished!

The Revell 50 Ford F1, glad to say: finished! I didn't quite get it done in a weekend, but if you add it all up it, this build probably wasn't more more than 2 days and one evening. I had to take a little break in there to work, but overall, this was one fast build!

So is it ready for NNL, GSL, NHL, NBA, or whatever they call all the serious model car contests? Nope.  There are little dings here and there, the gap on the front facade is way too big.... But if I look back to how I was building 3 years ago, versus now, I think I've improved!

There was no way I could churn something out this fast three years and have it end up this clean. 

 It's a rare time in my model making experience, in spite of the dings and gaps and other gremlins  here and there, I am happy with how this came out, especially in light of how fast I built it.  Imagine that!
Next up?  I am thinking of building a 69 Chevelle convertible that was re-released recently.  I thought it was gone for good!  This is a kit I remember building (and really liking!) as a kid.  Which is what this is all about right?
Compared to this kit, the AMT old school tooling is going to be a pain!  This Revell kit was easy, easy, EASY to build.  And if you screw up a part, the nice guys at Revell will send you a new one!  I didn't have to this time, but it's good to know that those guys have your back. OK til next time, signing off.  Don't get high off the fumes!

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