Saturday, February 13, 2016

69 Chevelle--Oh You're No FUN Anymore

For the handful of folks following this blog you may have noticed no posts lately!  The attempt to modernize the AMT 69 Chevelle 1:25 kit is driving me the point where, no model making for the past couple of months.  It feels like more work on this build would be a waste of time.

So here's what I have so far.  The body has been worked over a few times, wheel flares added (because the originals on the AMT kit, and I bought two of them) stunk.  OK that was some work, and in doing that, the body began to warp.  So I got out the chassis I will mate this to--from an AMT 69 Olds, that had more "modern tooling", and banded it all together.

In the meantime I went to work on  seats.  The ones provided by the AMT kit look nothing like the 1:1 originals, and leave out basics like the seat headrests, clearly visible on the box art.  The Olds seats are closer, but still not a perfect match.  (Sorry.)  I razor sawed out the center console and glued the seats to it, filling in the gaps with some .01 sheet styrene. Since I am considering probably never touching a plastic model again, this will have to do.

The hits keep coming!  The ejector pins are everywhere in the AMT Chevelle kit.  At least this time they didn't put the pin right over the floor matte.  Lucky day.  This will have to be filed out, and the "carpeting" redone, probably with embossing material.

And of course the priming I did looks like cottage cheese. You have to prime body reworks like this several times, and it only takes one bad round to have it come out like this.  So it all has to be sanded and reprimed.

Overall I am at the end of my rope here. I could spend endless hours on this build, and then have Revell put out a new tool of it that kicks my work's butt.  I am not sure there is any point.  I may put this one up on the shelf again, and then think about selling off my paints, kits, and tools.

And, the molding on the dash and firewall look like they were from the Jurassic period; a lot of work will be needed to get this to an acceptable level of details.  To me this just isn't that fun any longer.  If you don't see another post for a few months this is why.  I am not sure if I am just going to shelve this project or give up on the entire hobby for awhile.


Unknown said...

Don't quit the hobby; your blog here inspires others... like me!
Maybe you'd benefit from building something less extreme. I fab and scratchbuild lots of parts and mods on my car models too and it's easy to get in over your head. Now and then, I build a kit straight from the box the way it's intended by the manufacturer (almost) just so I get to enjoy the build process with as few headaches as possible.

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