Tuesday, November 17, 2015

66 El Camino-FINISHED!

Another month gone, another model done!  This time a Revell 66 El Camino.  I ended up building it box stock except for the wheels (from the AMT 69 Chevelle) and the wheels (from my scrap box, no idea where they came from?). A tiny bit of photo etch was used, for the door locks, for instance.

Beyond that? Nothing new to report here.  This was another pretty easy build, a good kit that went together easily.

I'm trying, as always to keep things clean, and to make the most of the little time I have to build these days.  I could have spent more time on the photo lighting, but, there you go.

Not much to say, except, after 10 years now of being back in the hobby, my skills I feel have improved a bit. This was a fun build and came out pretty clean.

The key it seems is to be patient. That's the center of success in this hobby: Extremely patient.  Silly patient. Simple stuff: Always scrape the paint off, and get down to "bare plastic", before the glue goes on. Try to line things up before the glue dries.  And: Try to let one assembly dry before trying to stick on the next thing.

So what next? Back to the 69 Chevelle I guess, which, if nothing else, will be more challenging.  I guess?


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

That looks great, good job.

Alex said...

This is a cool model car. I bet the real ones are really fast. I would love to own one in the future!

swtorfast said...
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plastic injection molding said...

Looks so great!

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