Monday, August 8, 2016

End of the Line?

Hi there if you haven't noticed there has been no post in a while. 

I may move soon and to that end I need to stop building for a bit.  I may not have the room in my new place I have now.

I am going to sell some or most of my unbuilt kits and stash of parts on Ebay.  Once I'm settled I might be back into this.  It's been a fun distraction.

Here's one more thing before I run along--if you want to finish building the 65 Chevy pickup mentioned immediately below drop me a line, if you are in Continental US I will send you the kit built so far.  yes I will eat the postage.  It's yours.  finish it, use it for parts or whatever. 

The body is still in plastic and needs a bit more prep, but other things are painted, and the interior is built.

First come, first served.  See ya!


Lindsay M. said...

I've been reading a few of your blogs which are very inspirational. Have you done any instructional videos on youtube? I still like the 1955 Chevy Gasser you built a number of years ago. I'd like to learn some of the techniques you have learned over the years. I'd like to keep in touch with you by way of email. I'm a beginning model car builder. How should a start out? What type of tools?
I hope to hear from you soon.

Charlie Lamm said...

Hi Lindsay

All I can really say is that pretty much all my techniques etc. are here in the blog.

Most of them I learned from other blogs, hobby mags, or youtube vids. No, I don't have any youtube vids.

To start out? Maybe I'll write a post about that. I don't think it's covered here.

I can't give out my email address on this blog, because I'll get eaten alive by the spammers but feel free to ask any questions via comments on this blog. You can use this entry if you want.

I may not be posting for a while but I'll keep in online. But the idea of a "beginners post" is a good one, it would have really helped me when I was starting to have one of these.

Have fun!!!

Lindsay M. said...

Hi Charlie:
You mentioned that you were going to sell some of your kits on ebay? Which ones would those be? Where would I look on ebay? How much are you asking for them? And did you receive my last post? I hope all is going good with you. Considering your move and all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You,
Lindsay Moore

Unknown said...

HI charlie

Looking for A 1971 hood for Roadrunner and noticed you had one that is not the grabber. Trying to accomodate this hood for my Daisy duke car.

Is this for sale.?

Randy Ferron

Charlie Lamm said...

Sorry that roadrunner is long gone. Don't have it any longer.

Charlie Lamm said...

For Lindsay:

I already sold a few really rare kits on ebay, but still for sale will be the remainder of my kits, I probably have 20 unbuilt and maybe 10 more in various stages of completion. I will probably sell a lot of them "all at once" (as a bundle) based on the type of kit, so all funny cars in one batch, all pickups in another.

The thing I think someone out there might find really useful is my sorted spare parts. I have boxes of them, and some of the parts would really be useful to someone building competition models, like a jag rear end, or the turbine engine from the MPC Lotus Turbine. I did a lot of kit bashing, so this is basically what I never ended up using. There are boxes and boxes of this, they are all sorted, so someone is going to get a really good deal.

plastic injection molding said...

It's been a fun distraction.

Alex said...
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jone arthur said...
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