Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas Old Skool Hot Rod--The Build Dabbles On.....

To review: I am attempting to make a 1:25 replica of an "old skool" type hot rod that my dad drove in 1950's Texas. Not as hard as the 1:1 car, but not entirely easy either.

Not too much accomplished this week, in fact not much time at the bench at all, but, I guess the project slowly marches on....the bench seat is proving hard to replicate at scale. I ended up finding an old AMT bench seat (I can tell it's AMT by the "vomit grey" color of the plastic) out of the junk box and sectioning it. I still have to figure out how to make the back look right, and how to get the "cardbox check" pattern on the back. I have no idea where the 1:1 bench came from and neither does the old man. The front of the seat is plaid and I'll try making my own decal for this in the coming few weeks.

The resin body is well cast, there are no bubbles or whatever, but there are some holes drilled in it here and there for no reason i can figure out. I am trying to fill them but as you can see I've over-puttied one of the holes in the corner. It's going to be tricky to sand this out without losing some of the trim lines, but I figure I can do it.

The heads are from the aftermarket--in this case Model Car Garage. These are really beautifully cast and look like a decent match for the 1:1 heads, although not perfect. The manifold is proving tricky--the few I've bought have not really looked right. It might have to be scratch built, which is going to be a very big job.

The engine block is out of a 53 Vicky from Lindberg. The 1:1 car had a right-after-the-war merc I have been told, but I am having fit issues with the "right" block and the frame, so this is probably close enough. I am also messing with learning a bit about Macro Photography. For my purposes it's pretty easy: I have a Nikon D40 with the standard 18-55mm lens, take it off autofocus, get it as close as possible, and put it in focus manually. Like most things in life: Good enough.

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