Tuesday, October 12, 2010

66 Olds--Trial and Error....

So from last time, I'm gearing up to paint a 1:25 66' Olds "Clean Build". And what could be more clean then a snarky candy paint job?

My trial of using a metallic paint (in this case Krylon Metallic Gold), covered by acrylic color coats, is a disaster. The paint did not spread correctly and resulted in a splotchy finish....

I tried a variation of this a second test body, this time the psuedo-metal finish was covered with clear "acryl red" from Testors, shot with an external mix airbrush at 20 or so psi--same results--everything beads up, nothing spreads, and it looks awful.

Back to the drawing board.

In the meantime, final prep work is going on on the body. I am down to little dings and nicks here and there......

....circling problem spots then trying to correct them with superglue and some careful sanding and filing.

As long as the CA glue is out: while waiting for things to dry I continue to work on an "Orange Crate" body; I have no idea what this might be used for some day, but it's always fun to chop some top. See ya next time!

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