Sunday, January 11, 2015

58 Chevy Impala--Speed Build, Built for Speed?--Finished!!!

So as I said last time: it took me a year to build a scale Audi R8. So I have to ask: what can I build in a weekend?  I started this AMT 58 Chevy a long time ago, got as far as the body and Bare Metal Foil and put it aside.  I wanted to finish it fast and I did!

So how is the finished build? To me, it looks like it was built: fast.  There are trim issues here and there, little dinks and dings in the paint, and plenty of fit issues, but there are always fit issues on these old AMT kits.  The question is, how much time do I want to spend fixing all the issues, and for this build, it was pretty much NO TIME.  Boogie on! The front grille from the kit didn't fit.  Not even close! Forget it!! find the front grille and wheels/tires from the parts box!  Ditch the old stuff!  hey it's a "mild kustom!"

Another speed saving trick: masks?  We don't need no stinking masks! I didn't mask the interior, the undercarriage, the frame, anything.It all came out just fine.  Isn't the idea to have fun?

The flat finish gives it a sort of mean look. I have never built a "flat black" model before this one.  There is a first time for everything!

We'll ignore the really noticeable AMT issues, like the hood not quite fitting OK?  If you squint it looks well--good. maybe! But hey, it's a speed build! It was almost done by New Year's.  One thing I can say: a few years ago I would have never been able to build something that looks OK (I think this came out OK, not great) in a few evenings.  It was fun to see how fast I could build this!

So what's next?  I am thinking about another speed build.  Can I build something even faster?

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