Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finishing Up the Jacquard 64 Impala

Last time I went gaa-gaa over some new acrylic paint I used for the first time on a project: Jacquard. Read the last post if you want to hear more about what I did, but, here's the end result.

In retrospect, I should have spent more time polishing then I did. By the time I was done doing the detail painting, applying the photoetch trim bits, and cutting up and pasting down the BareMetalFoil, I was ready to move on, and I seriously didn't feel like spending another 3 evenings polishing. I ended up polishing the whole thing in about 3 hours, and it shows....the finish is a bit orange-peely and doesn't show off the beautiful Jacquard color as much as it should, but, there you go.

I tried using Krylon Crystal Clear over the Bare Metal Foil this time, since on the 63 Ford Galaxie the BMF is quite fragile and some of it lifted off once when I picked up the model to put it into the display. I read on the Scale Auto Magazine Forum that putting clear coat over BMF makes it a bit less shiny (which is fine by me--it looks better dulled down a bit) and a bit less smooth (true). Overall I am not sure it was the best thing to do, but I think you could go either way.

It certainly took me a lot less time to apply the BMF--maybe an hour for the whole thing--which means I am getting better at it I guess, this being the third application of brightwork chrome I've tried on a serious project, or maybe I'm just less patient.

I may have made the stance a bit low as well, but overall I am happy with how this came out, and more important, it was fun to do it while I was building it, and as I see it that's the main reason to do any of this stuff at all.

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