Sunday, June 15, 2008

37 Ford Flatbed--Finished!!!

I have heard a work of art (not that you can consider many model cars works of art) is never finished, just abandoned. Well that's what happened here.

Since the paint never really came out right on this one--there was some flaking due to bad binding between the Jacquard Lacquer gold and the Testors "One Coat" copper undercoat, this model was never going to be a showpiece.

I just went around and got bits and pieces out of different kits to finish it off. A lot of body bling came from the Monogram 40 Ford Pickup 2720 which is the same place the chassis/frame came from. The headlamps came out of the Lindberg Boattail Auburn kit #72324. I married these lamps to shocks out of the Revell 57 Henry J Gasser 85-2036 (reissued by Model King). Thank goodness for CA glue or I would have never gotten these into the model--it was a real pain but I felt the car needed "bomb shaped" headlamps.

I am simply out of time to put more work into this. It came out OK and I guess the styling is growing on me, but it seems too high and slow looking to really appeal. If I were to do it again I'd either chop the top or get rid of it entirely--styling wise the cab seems too high and bulky for the rest of the build. I wanted it to look "sporty" or "fast" and it came out looking more like a 60's Jeep pickup or something.

Oh well live and learn I guess. I did experiment with mixing camera lights for these final shots--a combo of incandescent and a Nikon 800 flash--and I guess the lighting is a bit better then "beauty shots" I have taken of other finished prjects, but focus-wise the pictures aren't quite as crisp. But with all the paint issues it's not that bad a thing.

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