Saturday, June 7, 2008

37 Ford Flatbed (not a pickup)--Paint

So here's the build in progress. The interior and glass are in....masking the frame on the glass and applying silver paint was a real pain, but I didn't ruin this week I concentrated on trying to do something interesting with the paint on the current build--a 37 Pickup Hot Rod based on Revell's 85-7627 kit of the same name. Not to ever try anything "easy" I decided to try to do a 3-tone paint scheme, colors influenced by some "Inca" colors I saw recently at an art exhibit.

First off I primed the whole body/radiator/shell/flatbed with Duplicolor primer. Oh yeh I ditched the pickup part for a flatbed--I liked the way the flatbed looked better. Then I applied Testor's one coat lacquer. The paint works great! It is the no-muss no-fuss paint that anyone who's in a rush (like me) is looking for--you squirt it on, and sure enough, it covers great in one coat and dries in a few minutes. I usually bash Testor's a lot, but I really like this one coat lacquer!

For the top half of the body I used Jacquard Airbrush metallic yellow (40%) mixed with Jacquard Pinata color bright yellow (10%) and water. I used a Badger 200 airbrush and sprayed it over the Testor's one coat. I discovered two things: first, the Jacquard paint doesn't bond well to the lacquer (I should have sanded it first--or maybe not used it as undercoat at all) so a bit flaked off here and there before I could clear coat it with Krylon Crystal Clear. Second, it appears that Jacquard Airbrush color and Pinata color don't mix!!! One uses soap and water to clean up, the other alcohol or something a lot like it (the thinner/cleaner is pictured here). So don't mix them, and don't assume all paints by a single vendor can be mixed however you want! It ain't so. The result was a bit of clumping and some clogged crud in the airbrush that was a giant headache to get rid of.

Overall the "yellow" came out OK but not great. It is bright and vibrant which is what I wanted. I am going to have to live with it.

Next I tried something new--for the beltline I wanted something really dramatic so I tried Alclad's "Prismic" color--they call it "Primatic Scarabeus" # ALC 201. This is one of those paints that changes color depending on the light in the room and your viewing angle (something like that?). In this case it morphs from green to blue. I painted it over Duplicolor Enamel/Acrylic came out great, and was surprisingly easy to apply. Very heavy flake though, so you might not want it for everything. I am going to use it more, but I'm not sure what for.

I also tried some new stuff for the tires. I sanded them down pretty heavily and then applied Shabo transfer letters, followed by Testor's lacquer dullcoat. It came out way better (and was not that hard to apply) then trying to use decals or hand-painting the letters on the tires. The wheels BTW came out of AMT/Ertl's 34 Ford 3 n 1 kit 38405. If you don't have this kit you should get it before AMT goes out of business (again) as it's loaded with parts that you can use on lots of hot rod projects.

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